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Best Rank Booster PDF for JEE mains Chemistry -Crackiitjee2020

Hello everyone, Rank Booster’s increases your rank effectively in less study time. There are such chapters which you must have heard about (like: BIOMOLECULES, CHEMISTRY IN EVERYDAY LIFE, ENVIRMENTAL CHEMISTRY AND POLYMERISATION) that increases one’s rank if studied well prior to the examination. We are adding some more topics like above chapter which increases you rank in chemistry.     Content: ·          All REACTION MACHANISM PDF ·          COMMON DISTINCTION TEST PDF ·          NAMED REACTION PDF ·          REAGENTS PDF Download rank booster PDF for organic chemistry   These are not actual rank boosters but these are not less than Rank boosters All Reaction Mechanism PDF: Organic chemistry   Contents:   Mechanism of Aldol Condensation An aldol condensation is an organic reaction in which an enol or an enolate ion reacts with a carbonyl compound to form a β-hydroxyal
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[PDF] Download JEE Mains 2020 January Subject Wise question paper (No signup Required) Updated

    Whats-Up Dear IIT JEE Aspirant, Hope You All Studying Good. Today I am with you with pdf of JEE Mains January question paper. Download JEE Mains 2020 Question Paper [PDF]   “ Previous year Question Paper helps very much in understanding the paper. Its difficulty level, type of question and no. of questions from each chapters can easily be understood. ”   Download question paper from below:- 1.      Physics -   Date Shift Download Link   7 th January I Download PDF 7 th January II Download PDF 8 th January I Download PDF 8 th January II Download PDF 9 th January I Download PDF 9 th January II Download PDF     2.      Chemistry -   Date Shift Download Link  


Whatsup, friends Welcome to @missioniitjee2020, Here we are going to start it today that we have to crack iitjee2020  "you give me share i'll give you iitjee2020" I am starting this blog today and giving you promish to give full attention on your iitjee preparation , plz dond forget to subscribe it from below button So , first we talk about that you are on 11th and passes out your 10 exam  I hope that you had good marks according to your prepaparation ,but lost it here and, Start with full confidence to your upcoming challange for iit I hope you will be impressed here from me hehehe,, Our magical way of teaching had a wide range of study material classroom lecture videos on every topic etc Read out my blog at Saurabh yadav Best books for iitjee entrance are 1. Physics Hc verma Iitjee unsolved  40 years I e irodov 2. Chemestry Op tondon Iit jee unsolved 3.math K das gupta Iitjee unsolved O think you have feelen better here I will be back soon wi